$65 Customized Facial
($95 Regular Price)

*Includes complimentary Eye Treatment


Lilly has been a Medical Licensed Esthetician with over 15 years experience. She has worked for renowned cosmetic physicians and Medical Spas in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills with high profile and celebrity clients. She has a M.S. in Biology and studied Cosmetic Chemistry at UCLA. She is also a certified Herbalist with intense knowledge in Aromatherapy and Natural Medicine.

She used her background in science to create her own skincare line because she wanted to hand pick each ingredient that she knew would work effectively and uses her knowledge in herbs and aromatherapy to customize her facials. 

Her philosopy is "Keep it Simple"
She has been described as a "skin care expert extraordinaire" by "Health Beauty Life," one of the top beauty blogs online, and developed an anti-aging routine exclusively for their blog.

Her quest is to help people find the perfect balance for their skin through natural remedies.

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