Aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds us. Every person and every object has its own aura. There are layers of different colors & vibrations around us. These colors or vibes keep changing according to our mind & emotional status. You must have experienced that at times while meeting a person you instantly either like or dislike him. This happens because probably you were picking up signals from that person’s aura or energy field.
Aura is likely to get drained or expand depending upon what places you visit or what kind of people you interact with. Aura could also be open, cracked, patchy or may have holes in it. This can leave us feeling tired, weak, inactive, unenthusiastic or unhealthy and may also result into sickness. Any illness first starts with weakness in our auric field. And so it is very important to cleanse our aura regularly. Whether or not you have done your aura report with us, we provide you the aura cleansing treatment.

All you have to do is relax in our healing space while the healer cleanses your aura. After the cleansing you will definitely feel lighter, enthusiastic & happier.

Please Note:
Just like to cure for skin, teeth, etc. needs regular sessio
ns to heal and enhance, similarly our aura needs regular healing. To always be in a peaceful state of mind your aura needs to be trained regularly to be able to emit positive energy. And so we recommend you to cleanse your aura regularly in our spiritual healing spa.

There are 7 kinds of major chakras in our body viz. Crown, Third eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Hara & Root Chakra. Chakras can be referred to as the inner aura. They are basically the energy stations/centers within our body. They receive & distribute the cosmic energy.

It is necessary that all the chakras in our body be active & balanced so that there is a free and uninterrupted flow of vital energy in our being. If an
y of the chakras are blocked, get slow, become dark, or rotate off rhythm, they can cause emotional, physical or spiritual disharmony, and needs to be treated immediately.
Relaxing in our healing space, while the healer balances all your chakras will do the needful.

Please Note:
The motion of our chakras can get affected when we experience any difficulty, fear, stress or anxiety in our life. It can create blockages and might restrict the flow of energy. In order to maintain health in our mind, body and spirit, our chakras need to be trained to set itself in correct rhythm & motion. And so it is recommended that you get your chakras balanced regularly as specified by the healer.