Eyebrow arching is an art. You either have the eye for it or you don’t. I’m not a big believer that one can be trained to do it; therefore you won’t see stencils or cookie cutters here. I will listen carefully to your desires and happily look at photos you’ve pulled from magazines, but it’s important to remember that brows are sisters, not twins. Naturally, we will strive to deliver the exact set of arches you ask for, but every arch is unique and defined by bone structure, so you may not get a perfect match to your favorite celeb’s arches of glory. That said, you will get the ideal arches for your face.


brows + clean-up $35
love your brows? This waxing service is for clients that wish to maintain their shape.

brows + re-design + shape $40
get back on track.
This service is for clients that need a helping hand. 
Let us help you with an individual approach to creating the best eyebrow for you. 
This service also includes + brow powder application. 


brow tweeze   $40
for sensitive skin
This non-wax service is for clients that wish to maintain their shape. 

brows design + tweeze + shape   $50
custom brow tweezing
This non-wax is for clients looking for a new eyebrow shape. 
Service also includes + brow powder application.

Lash or Brow Tint $25/Both $40